Current and upcoming market disruptions are creating dramatic new value creation opportunities.

Four key technology disruptions are fundamentally changing the landscape:
  • Network: Smartphones and tablets are vastly expanding the number of internet-connected devices, while WiFi and mobile broadband are enabling always-on connectivity.
  • Internet Technology: New mobile operating systems and HTML5 are emerging as new software platforms for the mobile internet and the web, enabling more engaging online content and advertising.
  • Navigation: Users are discovering and consuming content differently –through mobile apps, touch interfaces, social networks, and vertical search sites.
  • Architecture: Cloud services are replacing expensive PC-server solutions.

These changes are threatening established technology ecosystems and create the potential for exciting new online experiences with large user bases and deep engagement. At the same time, remarkable business model innovation is occurring at new media companies, offering new monetization alternatives and lowering operating costs. This innovation is disrupting very large markets including advertising, consumer media, retail commerce, and enterprise software.

Elevation Partners seeks to invest in leading companies capitalizing on these disruptions.


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